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Keeping Up With Musical Changes

The past few years have seen extraordinary change in every industry, all thanks to advances in technology. Music and music learning have been on the leading-edge of these changes. The business of buying and selling music has been revolutionized. In the past, we Americans consumed music, songs.

For the first time in history, sales of musical instruments and related accessories has outpaced sales of music, albums, songs. What does this all mean? It means music is more in the hands of everyone. It is more for the people, by the people.

Today high quality instruments are available at prices lower than ever. And affordable recording technology is pervasive. And there are music distribution systems on the internet now that allow the most humble garage band to reach international distribution. Now money is no issue when competing with the largest record labels with their billion dollar budgets.

This is all great news for aspiring musicians. We are more in control of our careers, and don’t need to make devils deals with shifty recording industry giants. In the past, a musical artist would need to find a label willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars, or more, just to record in a recording studio.

Today, knowledge is key.

This is where Blue Ridge Music Academy in Clayton comes in. We are first, an Academy steeped in cultivating the modern learners mastery of music that meets their own unique goals as musicians, singers, or songwriters. We are dedicated to nurturing students from learners, to performers, to published artists. We can nurture music artists even in marketing, getting their music to their fans.

We specialize in bringing budget oriented projects to market. Whether you have a church group wanting to get a CD out for the parishioners to share, or a garage band wanting to record a song and get it on iTunes, we can accommodate any budget.

Contact us today for more information on music lessons, voice, recording, publishing, and marketing your music. www.blueridgemusicacademy.com or call (706) 782-9852

James Christian Miller – author, singer/songwriter, guitarist, publisher. http://www.DoublePlanet.com, operators of Blue Ridge Music Recording Service